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    Back in the day, when I was a lad, doctors abhorred the thought that medicine was a business. I even remember the AMA strongly opposing doctors who wanted to advertise in the yellow pages. Why, that was uncouth! To lower the medical profession to the tactics of selling soap!

    Back then, the focus, the only focus, was the patient.

    There are still doctors in the US who feel this way, many of them older and fading away. They remember the days before medicine became just another business, before objective #1 became profit, profit, profit.

    You can't make money insuring sick people. Indeed. And you can't sustain a system where fraud and greed run rampant. All for the almighty buck. Our god.

    Believe me, if you don't like it, you have to move to another country. Pick one. They all do it better than we do because they still have some sense of decency left. And citizens that haven't been brainwashed.

    The American god of mammon will never let medicine out of its clutches.  

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