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    It was worse, in my view, than a waste. First of all single-payer is not the issue for me. The fact we are talking about it shows the narrow level of debate in this country even on the left over health care. There are many great systems around the world that do a combination of private and national care.

    So here's my point. The American people never had the facts on which to base a debate over HCR. Why? Because the Obama administration never had the slightest intent of making rational HCR legislantion. I repeat, never had the slightest intention. This is proven by the refusal to bring out and emphasize the relevant facts and wonderful studies of the issue that have been made. It is the Obama administration that is to blame for the fact science is not considered not only in HCR but anything. An example of that is the Gulf oil spill which the administration contends magically disappeared as a problem without scientific inquiry.

    I say a rational HCR proposal was possible and that had the administration pressured the MSM (they never act without pressure) the facts would have come out and real reform, gradually implemented so that the health-care industry would have time to adapt and the thieves in the Insurance industry would have time to regroup and work on other scams.

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