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  •  I'm with you on this (9+ / 0-)

    As Custodial StepMom to a girl who's been diagnosed with all kinds of things by various Doctors and Therapists, I agree completely.  It was her Pediatrician in Texas who first labeled her "BiPolar" when she was 9.  Put her on Zoloft, I think it was, which made things MUCH worse.  The Psych we had her seeing was NOT down with the medicine or the diagnosis, so we went against her Pediatrician and with the Psych and took her off all Meds and kept her in Therapy.  Time and maturity have helped, but she's never been an easy kid.  She's always been extremely troubled by her parents' divorce (even though she was 2 when it happened) and going back-and-forth between the 2 houses has always been (and still is) VERY disruptive and difficult for her.  For a time when her Bio-Mom was unable to have her at all and we had her full-time with no interruptions for input from that quarter, she did fantastic!  She lost weight, performed better in school, calmed down emotionally, became more mature.  Then Mom moved nearby and started visitation again and she gained 60 pounds in about a year, had meltdowns and breakdowns in school, lost friendships, became angry and suicidal again.  Yeah, it's relationship stress.  No doubt about it.  Medication can't make her Mom & Dad be not divorced or their 2 households be as diametrically opposite as they are.

    Schools, by the way, were the ones pushing us HARD to get her diagnosed.  They can't offer services or do anything except for disciplinary measures as long as she doesn't have an "official" diagnosis.

    They have created a world where everything is an opinion, and nothing is a fact, everybody is entitled to an opinion, and every opinion is equally valid.

    by SlowNomad on Mon Aug 30, 2010 at 03:27:06 PM PDT

    •  Similar experience here. (5+ / 0-)
      My mentally and emotionally disabled niece has a daughter that acted out terribly, violently.  Everyone including mom wanted the child on meds for everything and anything.  She was removed from the home and is a normal, sweet child living with grandma in a normal, quiet, stable home.  My experience with my schizophrenic son is that the psychiatrists give drugs based on very little verifiable knowlege of my son.  He tells them what he thinks they want to hear.  He needs therapy and no one is attempting to talk him into trying it.  I am not impressed with the MDs.
      •  We were lucky (5+ / 0-)

        The Psychiatrist we'd found, even though he taught the class on Psychiatric Medication at Southwest Medical, thought it was a terrible idea in her case.  He got what was going on immediately.  The Pediatrician, on the other hand, had a lot of forms filled out by exasperated people all of which did indeed point to ... something.  BiPolar seemed the best diagnosis, somehow.  Sometimes she was happy, and other times she threw huge fits and screamed about wanting to die and even made rather strange and completely ineffectual attempts at it.  That kind of behavior really only happened when she felt torn between Mom & Dad and especially when Mom was ramping up the "you love me more and want to come and live with me" thing.  That was 100% guaranteed to result in suicide ideation.  The Psych we had down there believed it was relationship issues.  So we were very lucky.  Others wanted to medicate her and hospitalize her.  I have a nephew who did go through that (medication/hospitalization) and it messed up his life pretty badly.  Step-Daughter is far from perfect still, but she's relatively stable and normal and can get through school most likely.  She won't lose as many years as he did in hospitalizations and drugs (both the legal and illegal kind, which he got hooked on in the hospital.)  

        I know nothing about the author of this diary, but I do believe very strongly that there really is a LOT of over-diagnosis in this country and a lot of desire to treat everything with a pill.  Sometimes that is appropriate, but not always.  And to make it a tad bit political, big Pharma would love for more drugs to be pushed than not.

        They have created a world where everything is an opinion, and nothing is a fact, everybody is entitled to an opinion, and every opinion is equally valid.

        by SlowNomad on Mon Aug 30, 2010 at 04:36:13 PM PDT

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