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  •  You're right, but . . . (10+ / 0-)

     He's not hijacking a thread.  He's not insulting anyone (not even the whole group of psychiatrists, just the ones who don't do their job properly).  He gives reasons for his position.  
     While I'm not familiar with the post you linked to, there's nothing here that is racist.  He's not denying that some people are bipolar or that it's a serious condition, only that too many people are misdiagnosed in a way that hurts them.  And even there, it's a matter of improper treatment rather than a fear-mongering "Oh, no!  Look at all the horrible things that will happen to a person branded with this terrible label."
     You're absolutely correct that it doesn't seem to fit the general guidelines, but if that's all it took, we should HR diaries that simply repost some other diary or press release.  I haven't noticed people doing that.  I also noticed that you didn't HR it, which suggests you think it's probably too extreme.  I think your tactic of posting a concern about that the diary wasn't really suitable for this site was the best way to handle it.

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