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  •  One of the major problems remains the quality (15+ / 0-)

    of our corrections officers.  Pay is low and qualifications minimal, and all too often the wrong kind of people are recruited to fill the positions.  Ask any inmate and he or she will tell you that many correction officers should be on the other side of the bars.

    Add to that the fact that the environment invites abuse.  Prisoners are held in low regard by officials, and as we saw at Abu Ghraib, the humanity of those imprisoned is often ignored.

    An even greater problem is our propensity to imprison people, complicated by long prison terms and the lack of productive, rehabilitative programs.  As a nation we're all too willing to warehouse people in a facility that is out of sight, out of mind, not taking into consideration how families of inmates are impacted.

    I've concluded that at its core, America harbors a great deal of cruelty, yet refuses to examine this fault.

    "You can't put a civil rights issue on the ballot and let the people decide. .... . If you left it up to the people, we'd have slavery......" ~ Jesse Ventura

    by rontun on Tue Aug 31, 2010 at 11:15:43 AM PDT

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