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    Hound Dog

    and I fear that is all that it's worth.
    First ... after 9-11, we should have bombed the heck out of Afghanistan for harboring Al Qaida.  And left.  We should have told them, "if one of your "guests" hits us again, we will hit you again."  And been gone.
    Second ... we should have never gone in to Iraq.  Enough said and I doubt I will get a lot of debate for the obvious on that one.

    Now - get out of Afghanistan, we do not owe them a new stable government, we do not owe them prosperity.  Bring ALL our troops and munitions home.  Period.

    We talk about the death count.  Hound Dog wisely talks about what is to me a far sadder count - the count of broken people coming home.  Huge waste of resources as well as being cruel.

    My mother said that if we bring home all the troops, they would simply swell the ranks of the unemployed.  But it doesn't have to be that way.  It costs a whole lot less to deploy the troops at home doing things we need done.  We can rebuild our roads.  We can rebuild old schools.  We can watch our borders.  .  The troops are doing that over there, they can do it here.   For much less drain on our Treasury.  We can find and tend to homeless veterans.  And the result of these projects would not result in broken people.  

    I'm only hard headed when you take me for granite

    by Im a frayed knot on Fri Sep 03, 2010 at 04:27:03 PM PDT

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