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  •  A retired vet from Texas (4+ / 0-)

    was touring the campground in Northern MN where I am a host. He and his wife and I were standing on the road in front of an outhouse chatting. He saw my Obama bumper sticker and told me we were on the same side. I was a bit surprised, but then he laid into Bush's total incompetence and the Republicans lack of respect for the fighting men and women.

    He had a big, booming voice and a strong Texas accent. For probably 45 minutes, he stopped every person headed into the outhouses. Told them that if they at all valued the troops and if for no other reason that they didn't have to go fight, they should be voting for Democrats cause the Republicans didn't give a shit about the men and women they sent to fight for oil. He listed examples. He was certainly passionate.

    One guy stopped him and said, "Look I'm on your side man, but I gotta go now."
    Big Texan laughed and said, "Well I'll be here waiting for you."

    He does this at every campground and man is he good. Made me wish I had a videocamera.

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