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View Diary: Confessions of a Former Dittohead: Why We Hated Sean Hannity (103 comments)

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  •  getting better all the time (none)
    I thought the commenters on your previous threads were putting it on a little thick asserting you should put these together in a book or have a former dittohead blog.  But, after this one I am reconsidering.  

    I am really looking forward to a diary on Hannity when Rush was gone.

    A few questions.

    1. Does Hannity believe what he argues on or is it just for the fame and fortune?

    2. What percentage of Republicans/Dittoheads do you think feel this way about Hannity?

    3. Who is Hannity's market if Dittoheads think he is an asshole too?

    4. What is is the proper way for a liberal to approach a Dittohead on the subject of Hannity?

    It's not Blue versus Red. It's Blue versus Gray.

    by Sedge on Thu Feb 03, 2005 at 11:07:06 AM PST

    •  My best guess. (4.00)
      1. I think it's the fame and fortune.  He's too lockstep.  It's hard for me to believe that someone independently agrees with 100% of what the administration says.  My guess is he's on the dole.  

      2.  That's a tough nut to crack.  My guess would be 40% on the low side, and 70% on the high side don't like Sean.  I know that's a wide range. Personally I don't know anyone who likes Rush who also likes Hannity.  Even my local right-wing talk show host wasn't a fan.  But if there's no overlap then the size of his audience is difficult to explain.

      3.  That's a little bit easier.  Just replace 'Hannity' with 'Springer', and 'Dittoheads' with 'Oprah fans' and I think you'll have your answer.

      4.  Try this (risky...not for the faint of heart):  "I'll give you that Rush is entertaining.  I don't agree with him, but at least he's entertaining.  But what's the deal with Hannity?"  If the answer is "Hell, I don't know.  I don't even like the guy," get that person a copy of Franken's book!  He/She's ripe for the forbidden fruit of knowledge.  If the answer is "Hannity is the Son, and Fox News is the Holy Spirit," well then your screwed.  Because they're going to run around and tell everyone that you secretly think Rush is entertaining.  Try it, but you've been forewarned.

      Politics: It's all fun and games until somone dies.

      by advisorjim on Thu Feb 03, 2005 at 03:17:00 PM PST

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      •  Hannity doesn't need to be on the dole... (none)
        Look at his salary.

        BTW, though a lifelong liberal, I have also listened to Rush Limbaugh's radio program since a young age, when in my dad's car (if NPR isn't doing anything cool in the middle of the day, my dad likes to hear the other side's talking points), and I must say, the man has talent.  He gets me to laugh on a fairly regular basis, though it has been a long time since he has come close to convincing me of anything.  Hannity, on the other hand, I can't listen to for more than about three sentences.  I couldn't even bring myself to watch through a single episode of his TV show.

        (Insert Democrat Here) for President in 2008!

        by teenagedallasdeaniac on Thu Feb 03, 2005 at 07:00:38 PM PST

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        •  his salary is the dole being talked about (none)
          You're taking it too literally.

          FWIW, listening to either RL or SH makes me physically ill.

          •  oops, let me clarify (none)
            I guess "the dole" refers to something like Armstrong Williams.  But AdvisorJim's basic claim is that Hannity says what he says because he gets paid to do it, rather than out of conviction (I'm not so sure; he's ultra-Christian and seems to apply the same belief in dogma to Republican  talking points).  I consider Fox an agent of the Republican Party (see, and so all Fox salaries count as "the dole" in pragmatic terms.

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