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View Diary: Trumka: "This election is about electing economic patriots, and saying no to corporate traitors." (271 comments)

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  •  In My Mind Outsourcing is Akin to Being A Traitor (18+ / 0-)

    These creeps use the US only to benefit their greed.  They turn their backs on this country and reach out to other countries when it benefits their greed.  

    It seems like some form of being a traitor to me.

    •  alas. the very idea of the "nation-state" is dead (2+ / 0-)
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      lzachary, samddobermann

      The corporados were just the first to recognize it. Now, the muli-nationals own big chunks of each other---they owe loyalty to no government, and are bigger, richer and more powerful than most national governments.  Countries and borders simply mean nothing to them.

      The same is true in every sphere---cultural, environmental, political. We live in a global society. Nations are just a quaint relic of the 20th century, and they are  steadily eroding until they disappear completely. The entire idea of "national patriotism" is irrelevant.

      The corporados have already recognized that. It's time the rest of us caught up. It's the only way to fight them. If we continue to try to fight the multi-nationals at the national level, they will continue to stomp us into the dirt.

      They are global.  We must be too.

      •  It is the corporation that is the illusion (0+ / 0-)

        A nation is nothing more than lines on a map.  It's a way to separate a particular unit of geographical space from other units of space, and also to separate the people that inhabit that space from others.

        Even so, that space exists and those people exist without any abstract construct.  If the idea of a "nation" suddenly was erased from every mind, the people and the land would still be there.  Can we say the same about corporations?  The Corporation is simply an abstract construct to facilitate collective work, but it depends on nations to establish and enforce rules of ownership.  In other words, the corporation is a fiction that is further removed from the land and people than the nation (aka "reality").  That is its weakness.  National governments can change the way corporations operate with the stroke of a pen, because corporations are more abstract than nations.

        Executives know this, and work to ensure it never happens, because the abstract construct of the corporation is the source of all of their money and power.

    •  Enabling and lobbying for outsourcing is (0+ / 0-)


      Doing so as a result of being forced to from competition from everyone else once enabled, maybe not.

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