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    Could the diarist put a little less thought into this, use a lot few less words? Thinking is hard, reducing words to paper is where problems begin.

    Watch me solve your problems.

    No need, everything is working fine. As a matter of fact, the less government, the less change, the more time I can spend on golf.
    Duh-framing a non-argument is critical.
    American people: What would you rather do, golf or spend more of your time earning money for the government to spend? Duh-Boehner?

    With their salaries why work if you don't need to? They are living the American dream on the American dole. (JP, Goldman, Blackwater, Diebold, Halliburton, Congress..)
    I printed this diary for my paper archives.

    Take away all the money government touches and these businesses may as well operate in Somalia. We have all the corruption of Mexico without the bloodshed. Civilized democracy.

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