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    Calamity Jean

    It's always easier to say no than it is to say yes, even when we recognize there is a major problem. Take health care (insurance) reform from last year. Everybody knows there is a huge problem, but what should be done? A public option, subsidies for low income to get private insurance, more deregulation? 100% of people can say we need change, but getting to a bare majority is incredibly difficult. The republicans take advantage by playing to the "Well, I want change, but not that type of change" attitude, which is why they don't even need a majority in congress to be successful,  and that's also why the dems struggle to accomplish anything even with 60% in both houses of congress.

    Do Pavlov's dogs chase Schroedinger's cat?

    by corwin on Thu Sep 02, 2010 at 09:49:53 AM PDT

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