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  •  We voted (2+ / 0-)
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    Sharoney, Calamity Jean

    for and won by a majority a new fresh approach and a rejection of the '19th Century Fascists'. Instead we got the dregs of Clinton's 'free market' boys running the economy and a senile right wing ranting ideologue heading the cat food commission. We have Obama talking up Bush as though he was an well intentioned patriot.  People who don't vote did vote in 2008. I registered many of them. What we need is a systemic overhaul and a rejection of the insane right instead of giving them equivalency. We need to have some audacity and stop letting these crazies call the shots both politically and legislatively. We need to be the change we have been waiting for, yes we can. We already did. Now if we could just get some representation instead of this modern era bamboozle we would not have to be held hostage by FEAR of minority from hell.          

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      These people only help The Right by not voting. That's what I don't get. People get mad at Obama and The Dems for not following through 100%, and then they decide they want to cut off their nose despite their face.
      NOT VOTING enables The Right. If you refuse to vote, you may as well be a Republican in my mind.
      The public is to blame for this mess above anyone else. They are the ones who lack curiosity, and perceive the real news to be TMZ.

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