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  •  He never betrayed me. (1+ / 0-)
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    Anthony Segredo

    Because I knew he hated me.

    I am a member of DKos, with a User ID under 50,000. I was (still am in 99% of things) a Dean supporter. I think the Repulican party is the single greatest threat to humanity. (Dem's aren't great but we don't have too many alternatives.) In short, I am a partisan. According to what he said in the campaign, I am everything that is wrong about America.

    It wasn't a surprise, he's done his best to marginalize the blogosphere, the blogosphere that WON the 2006 elections by doing it OUR way.

    Whatever Emmanuel claims, 2006 happened because of US. We found the candidates, we raised money, we volunteered, we put Dean in at DNC, we fought the GOP narratives every day--remember how the GOP was using "cut and run" and we turned it into "stay and pay"? About 5-6 days after we started pushing it, that's what the Dems started to do. Would they have thought of it if it wasn't for us? I don't know, but we thought of days faster and that counts in politics.

    Now, go back and look at the diaries and dialog Obama posted (the three of them) you can see that people are essentially saying "the GOP are psychotic lunatics and should be treated that way." Obama obviously feels differently, so differently he never engaged with us again. He never used all the tools WE had set up, he made his own and wanted his supporters separate from us. We were a necessary evil he had to put up with but he always wanted to be rid of us. He was good at it too. But I backed him because I had no illusions about Clinton, because I figured, "well let's give him a chance, maybe it could work" and because I can never fully trust anyone with a southern accent whose already been a multiple-time loser in one year.

    He wasted our best chance to save this country. He did his level best to preserve the status quo. But that status quo is too powerful. Only in moments of crisis is it vulnerable but Obama squandered those moments. They are more powerful than ever now and we are weaker than we have been since 2001.

    I could accept if tried to save this country and failed but he refused to try. And he KNEW it. He said it himself, he stood in front of the pitchforks and held them back and let the moment pass.

    The GOP is insane, more insane than it's ever been. Nothing has been fixed since their trifecta was broken so the damage will be even worse this time. And every second we wait, all the battles all the words, the deaths, the haggling, over it all the climate apocalypse draws ever closer. Every time we get new data it is always worse than we thought, and faster than we thought. The extinction event we made ourselves. We are beaten before we've begun.

    In fighting it, we might have failed, but he refused to even fight and doomed us all.

    That's why I hate him.

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