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View Diary: More Cowardly Republicans in Texas (33 comments)

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  •  That's why I like the 'coward' meme (5+ / 0-)

    so much. It calls attention to their inaction.  Normally, avoiding the press means no story at all.  But calling them cowards makes every time they chose not to engage a change to remind everyone else that they are cowards.

    I really do think an LTE campaign would help reinforce this meme.

    •  I agree. I live in the most conservative (3+ / 0-)
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      bustacap, angelajean, Deep Texan

      county in coastal Maine (Knox) and support for LePage is very strong here, but not necessarily strong everywhere.

      Our local Democratic Party is getting ready to do some heavy canvassing, and at the next meeting I attend I certainly intend to initiate a discussion about how we can use LePage's reticence to make himself available can be used to our advantage when actually talking to local voters. If you look, btw, at the Maine Republican Party's platform, it is a combination of John Bircherism (US out of the UN, for instance) and nativist/Christianist garbage. For heaven's sake, LePage wants to gut our State medical insurance program for low-income folks (like myself), "Dirigo" (which is also the State motto).

      I have lived in Texas, by the way, half my life, actually, and am familiar with Texas politics. I know the Mayor of Houston personally, as she was my city council rep for years. Texas Republicans have a long history of "stealth" campaigns for small offices, which is essentially how they attained such power in Texas, and I'm not surprised that some of these candidates think the "R" after their name is enough to get them elected in certain districts and that actually engaging in debate might hurt, rather than help them. Gotta love the Lone Star State!

      The US has pulled out of Iraq. Now, can you get out of my bedroom? EQUALITY NOW.

      by commonmass on Fri Sep 03, 2010 at 08:32:37 AM PDT

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      •  Texas was our home for three years. (5+ / 0-)

        I learned a lot about politics here.  Still have great friends that worked side by side with me and I keep an eye on the issues.

        You should take a look at the link for the LTE's.  It's actually a page on the Comal County Dems website with info on how to write an LTE and direct links to all the local papers.

        The Dem yahoo groups sends out a notice when an issue needs to be highlighted in the local paper. They also watch for responses to their letters and reply to them as well.  Multiple people are in on it and a good team of 5 or 6 people can keep a good conversation going in the paper.  And it's making a difference.  When they see locals write in support of their views, they look the name up in the paper and try to recruit them to the local MoveOn council.  It's growing, slow but sure and this is in New Braunfels, a pretty red part of the state.

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