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View Diary: US Drops to 49th in the World for Life Expectancy, Recent Study Shows Obama's Health Plan Justified (302 comments)

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  •  You are saying we don't have healthcare (0+ / 0-)

    because we rebuilt Japan and Germany?

    Well, that's a mighty interesting idea (despite being highly dubious . . . .).

    •  I think one must attack capitalism (4+ / 0-)

      eventually, and the profit motive in particular.

      Services to citizens in any forms are not areas that profit can be permitted to modify, for when profit rules, the benefits of those services are deducted by the societal costs of the services themselves. It's a zero-sum game. And it can only last so long.

      Look now: healthcare costs are bankrupting our nation, not because of rising costs at all, but because of the pressure for profit at the middlemen health insurers.

      I had hoped that the President, who was elected in part as a direct repudiation of the free market, Social Darwinism of the corporate right, would elevate, not denigrate, arguments for social policies that might have included an expansion of Medicare to all of our citizens - both for cost savings and to expand real quality. But he ruled it out of hand, as if he feared he would be labeled a socialist again. But that epithet was always inevitable. And all we are left with in HCR is a statement of intent and some humane, moral improvements with no cost savings at all.

      A brief respite from Obama's moderate policies will enable a resurgence of Progressivism over the next two years that will emerge as a stronger influence over our politics. It was inevitable that we would lose the Blue Dogs and DINO's. I count that, too, as progress.

      And if, by some miracle, we are able to maintain a Democratic Party majority in November, real change will be seen in a Republican Party with eroded influence. The debate over good social policy must be elevated. Progress is slow, but it is steady.

      •  I don't disagree with most of that (0+ / 0-)

        but I don't quite see how that addresses the issue of whether our country's generosity after WW2 is in any tangible manner linked to our current health care woes.

        The way I understand it, socialist tendencies (if you want to call wage controls that) contributed to our health care insurance mess.  In the era that other countries were going with nationalized plans, here in the USA companies who were not allowed to raise wages instead used health care benefits to attract employees.  Thus it became ingrained in a unplanned way that industry not government was/should be responsible for that.

    •  I think it's partly true (0+ / 0-)

      We patted ourselves on the back for our good works while ignoring our own flaws until forced to confront them through the work of the Civil Rights movement and the anti-war movement.

      I'm not saying it was an economic choice, I'm saying it was a surfeit of smug that let the politicians get away with proclaiming we were the best country in the world while ignoring basic holes in our domestic life.

      Somewhere in heaven, Paul Simon and Paul Wellstone are looking down and asking "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS DOING?!"

      by nightsweat on Mon Oct 11, 2010 at 06:23:15 AM PDT

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