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View Diary: US Drops to 49th in the World for Life Expectancy, Recent Study Shows Obama's Health Plan Justified (302 comments)

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  •  It isn't HCR.. H Insurance Mandated... (12+ / 0-)

    Perpetual Profit Act.

    (Except for Bernie's clinic $, and Pre-existing and Kids until 2(6?).. and the last 2 were in the Rep's "Plan", at least Pre-existing)

    •  Progressives are being duped by Obama (0+ / 0-)
      Forcing everyone to feed the insatiably greedy health unsurance beast that is the problem (with NO other option) will not even begin to solve the problem (in fact it will make it worse), and it's not even close to honest reform or change but rather a lot more of the same old most broken part.   Obama's "reform" obviously was written with the help of the health unsurance and pharmaceutical industries for their benefit at our expense because they've hidden enough loopholes within this indecipherable mess of a document for both idustries to drive Mack trucks through.  We simply cannot afford to put off real reform for another generation, yet we just did.

      My t-shirt will have to say "Yes We Could Have, But We Didn't".

      I'm going to be one of the 23 million Americans who will have no choice but to remain uninsured, and (thanks to Obama & Democrats), soon will have to pay a fine for the priviledge.  

      PLEASE wake up. America!!

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