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View Diary: More of This Please, President Obama (18 comments)

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  •  This is all he could get passed in the Senate now (2+ / 0-)
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    CanyonWren, Onomastic

    Trying anything at this point - maybe just to show that the GOP will block anything.

    If he put another stimulus bill forward it would have 70 votes against it.  The first one got barely even got passed and that was a different economic climate and Obama had political capital to spend.  he has none left.  Dems could get some back if they held their numbers in November, however any loss of numbers will have the GOP crowing about how Obama has been rejected by the voter.  

    The Progressive Left - Selling Outrage one breathless donation request at a time.

    by Jonze on Fri Sep 03, 2010 at 12:49:15 PM PDT

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    •  "It's The Best We Could Do" (3+ / 0-)
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      gustynpip, CanyonWren, Aranfell really resonating with the voters.

      Almost as inspiring as the press conference today.

      The public needs to see the differences in the two parties plans. And meek assertions about tax incentives won't do that.

      Democrat's must trumpet the positive impact their policies have already had and propose bold solutions going forward.

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