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    Given current ridership between North Carolina and DC on the slow Amtrak-speed services, anyone trying to claim a 110mph corridor from Raleigh to DC via Richmond is going to suffer from lack of riders either has an ulterior motive or has been misinformed by those who do.

    The ridership modelling that these projects include are based on existing travel and the way that mode shares in similar places in the US react to the availability of different options.

    Certainly the right wing oil-funded propaganda mills like Cato, Reason and Heritage include trying to bring ridership models into question as part of their propaganda campaign against HSR, but the competition for the funds is so intense that the intercity corridors actually being funded are such big winners that the models can be way off without undermining the economic case for the corridor.

    More experience with ridership of these corridors in operation will mean more precision to the ridership modeling, so we can be more confident about where to cut off the funding for marginal corridors.

    But Raleigh/Richmond/DC is a bargain.

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