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  •  I grew up in a union household. Mine was a (13+ / 0-)

    stay-at-home mother, a union father.  My mother did not graduate from high school and never worked outside the home. A high school diploma was the highest education level my father reached. As a union member, he drew an above=average wage, built a comfortable home, had good health care, and an acceptable degree of job security.

    My father sent three children to university and then graduate school. He was able to handle it financially. He was able to do so because of the union he belonged to. My father is now gone, but his 87-year-old widow, my mother, lives comfortably in a paid-for home she can afford to maintain. She has good health coverage and has escaped the healthcare torment many people her age are faced with.

    All of this safety framework is in place because my father belonged to a union.

    I, on the other hand, am a retired teacher. My wife is a retired teacher.  We both hold graduate degrees and have for over a quarter century. Could we afford to send our children to university and then graduate school?  No. Our three children had to borrow money so they could go to university, because my wife and I did not make enough money to cover the cost of education for our three sons.

    Neither one of us worked in a place where belonging to a union was possible.

    I've spent 67 years in union households and those which were not. Believe me, I know which is better.

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