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  •  A union (non-tenure-track faculty) household too (7+ / 0-)

    My new husband and I are both contingent faculty, and both of us are fortunate enough to be unionized. Building a strong union movement for non-tenure-track folks like us may represent the most promising mechanism for turning around the entrenched disparities within the post-secondary education complex.
    I sympathize with your experience about unions being poor employers; I have had similar problems. However, I've had comparable issues in jobs with non-profits, so to me it's a general vulnerability of organizations that find the role of employer to be an uncomfortable one. In the best case, people can learn about being good employers as they practice the role themselves--and then apply that insight to the challenge they make to (other) bosses in seeking less exploitative working conditions.
    I also agree with someone who posted above--bink--who mentioned the importance of counterbalance. Without unions as a countervailing force, our situation would be even more dire.
    As for what to do, I guess that's a good subject for a diary! It's clearly a long, long-time struggle.

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