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View Diary: New statistical 2010 projections: Dems lose House by 12 (90 comments)

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  •  That could just as easily backfire on the GOP (0+ / 0-)

    If this economy gets worse, or anything else gets worse, for that matter, it's going to be the GOP and Obama's fault. Then the Dems had best distance themselves from Obama and maybe even bring in a primary challenger.

    •  It won't be Obama's fault (6+ / 0-)

      As the Repubs will be showing their hand even more than they do now, and the people who voted Obama in the first time will be remembering why they did.

      "If religion is the opiate of the masses, then fundamentalism is the amphetamine." Miz Vittitow

      by MillieNeon on Mon Sep 06, 2010 at 02:53:32 PM PDT

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      •  One can only hope - I just see it as a case of (0+ / 0-)

        Obama and the Republicans were the ones in power, things didn't get better, vote their asses out.

        What I would like to see is what Obama's message in 2012's gonna' be. He can't really run on hope and change since he's an incumbent this time around. He might be able to play the blame game a little bit, but he also shares some of that responsibility.

        IDK, I just have this feeling that the only thing Obama's going to be known for is who he was (first black POTUS), and not so much what he did.

        •  Remember how Carter was treated (4+ / 0-)

          after he lost to Reagan. And how people kept saying he was weak, etc.

          But now we see that Carter was really principled, and he tried to get us to listen about not being dependent on oil, etc. But no one wanted to hear it.

          They wanted to hear Reagan tell them how beautiful we all are and how God loves America more than anything else.

          And now we know how smart Carter was.

          "If religion is the opiate of the masses, then fundamentalism is the amphetamine." Miz Vittitow

          by MillieNeon on Mon Sep 06, 2010 at 04:50:05 PM PDT

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    •  It WILL backfire (9+ / 0-)

      but in the meantime, we will ALL suffer. PLEASE stop telling yourself and everyone else who will listen that this is GOING to happen, and get to work. Yes, I know you didn't get your Utopian change but the world the Republicans envision is hellish for everyone who isn't rich and white.

      De-orangify Congress: Justin Coussoule for Oh-08

      by anastasia p on Mon Sep 06, 2010 at 03:03:52 PM PDT

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      •  it may not (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        backfire on repubs or conservadems, even if all the progressives who are furious enough to want to sit on their hands believe it. On the contrary, the next two years of supoenaing for "scandals" could be quite disastrous for progressive agendas. the primaries are over. Time to play defense as best we can.

        support progressive candidates directly - NO more $ to DSCC/DCC

        by grrr on Mon Sep 06, 2010 at 05:19:58 PM PDT

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      •  It seems a question (0+ / 0-)
        of whether to cry into our beer that all is lost and the country's going to hell in a handbasket . . . or bust our buns, blister our feet, scream ourselves hoarse . . . and have it all go to hell in a handbasket anyway.

        Maybe you're young enough to still believe in lost causes.  I don't.  I don't mind fighting and dying for them, but I damned well DO mind spending hours and days trying to talk rational sense into pinheads with an IQ less than their chronological age.  I'm sick of American idiocy, tastelessness and vulgarity.  I'm sick of American MUSIC, let alone what passes for fashion in this day and age.  American politics and economy have been under the thumb of less than a thousand rich, white men for the last hundred years; there's hardly going to be any change in THAT.  That said, those rich, white men have grown progressively dumber, more arrogant and spiritually deadened in the last fifty years or so.  I think it's time we pulled the plug and QUIT.

        Yes, the country's going to hell -- it's been on its way in that direction for a long time.  But it ain't stopping until we stop ennabling those bloodsuckers by giving credence to the pretence that this is a nation of, by, and for the people, and that the people's votes count.  They don't.  The fix goes in a year in advance, and the Money goes where it flows, and voila! the elections turn out just like the rich, white men intended.  It's time to stop feeding the illusion, tear down the curtains hiding the puppeteers' faces, and start throwing pies.

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