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  •  Two wildly different things. (0+ / 0-)

    But you knew that.

    To conflate preventing some unjustly convicted persons from possessing lethal weapons with executing innocents is obviously absurd on its face.

    Unless you're so unhinged that you equate owning an arsenal with breathing. If you're living in a survivalist alternate universe where being heavily armed equates with survival....

    Well, I'm glad I don't live where you do. In every sense of the phrase.

    •  Actually its all part of the same system we (0+ / 0-)

      have, and until we design or implement a better system with genuine checks, balances and integrity, I think I'll keep "conflating" the issues.

      The execution of an innocent man, just one innocent man is, by my standards, one too many.  And how many times have we done so in the name of or for protecting society?  When there is actual accountability for dishonest prosecutors, lawyers, police and judges then I'll stop "conflating". Okay?

      It's absurd that one can be stripped of his/her unalienable rights because they are on a "no fly list" or "deemed unfit" by some State paid psychiatrist. Or that poor Americans can't own guns because they can't afford the "licensing fees, required training, etc."  It's effective disarmament of the citizens by "conditions" our government has set.  

      The exact power/authority our Founders did not grant to the newly created central government.

      It's not about a growing "fringe" of Americans that fear our system is going to collapse and denigrate into anarchy or civil war or worse a police state.  Who, out of pure necessity, believe they must protect themselves and their families from unknown dangers and doing so as per our Constitutionally guaranteed unalienable rights.

      And your diatribe on "survivalist" crap is only stated to impune, denigrate or demonize those of us that exercise those rights or are "purists" with regards to the interpretation of our Constitution and the limits it has placed upon our created government.

      And as I see this issue, if they can do it with guns, going above and beyond the Constitutional restraints listed, they can do it with any unalienable right.  Like free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press.

      Oh wait, they have haven't they? "Free speech zones", building "permits", jailing reporters for "contempt of court" because they will not divulge sources.

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