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      because context means absolutely nothing.

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      without defending racism. racism and bigotry are related things but not the same thing. they are not mutually inclusive. racism is a systematic manipulation of power, not simply bigotry. it is very possible to be non-bigoted (decent) and still be a racist because you've been enculturated by a racist system. you have to look at what a person does (rejecting or embracing) when they realize that to determine there decency by that measure. and it is an ongoing process in each individual in our society. bigoty is a definite evil, but racism is even worse in that it's insidious and infects even the non-bigoted.

      "Liberalism is trust of the people, tempered by prudence; conservatism, distrust of people, tempered by fear." Gladstone, Me -8.88/-7.08

      by zedaker on Tue Sep 07, 2010 at 02:41:14 PM PDT

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