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    Larsstephens, soothsayer99

    but if you check into the libertarian philosophy, it is actually liberalism on steroids to the extent that, they idealistically believe that color, gender, race doesn't matter...... because in their ideal world it is what you earn that you deserve. It is a whole cloth meritocracy..... which extends to everything.

    The further you delve into the philosophy the less sense it makes. The ultimate arbitor of justice in their world is the price of goods, determined in a free and unfettered market exchange.... like humans. Any 'collective' aid to humans done by the government is considered false incentives.

    IN other words the only morality they believe in is the almight $$$ free of govt restriction.

    It's all very confusing but the rhetoric is always based on pure unadulterated idealism.

    I am sorry your post has been disqualified because it is not sufficiently depressing

    by missliberties on Tue Sep 07, 2010 at 06:47:06 PM PDT

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