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View Diary: Throw These Quotes Back at Sean Hannity (88 comments)

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  •  Dude, (4.00)
    Have any of you ever seen "Out Foxed"?

    Fox "news" reporters are basically shock-jocks that get paid to say outrageous things about liberals and paint virtuous, holy images of republicans.

    People here have a problem with Jeff Gannon transcribing white house propaganda and presenting it as news on his website, well, where do you think Fox gets their newslines of the day?

    Rupert Murdoch gets paid bigtime when Bush pushes through his media-conglomeration legislation. That's not news on this website.  

    •  Oh, I forgot (none)
      The point is that these shock-jocks cannot be reasoned with, because they are selected for their partisan punditry. If Sean Holmes didn't outrage liberals, he'd be out of a job at Fox. These people aren't trying to be fair. That's not what they get paid for. So by bringing up these points that Sean Hannity is a partisan hack, well, you're probably just fattening his Christmas bonus.

      Who you going to complain to?

      Can you believe the same network that airs Bill O'Reilly and Hannity also airs the Simpsons?

      •  Look (none)
        I watch "Hannity & Colmes" regularly because I'm in a news environment.  People who go on his show NEVER challenge him on these things.  All I'm saying is, we need to give these quotes to those who go on his show to throw back his ridiculous propaganda.

        I agree wit you, these comments aren't surprising.  But ignoring propagandists like him doesn't make him go away.  It makes him have an unchallenged niche for his followers to blindly support him no matter what.

      •  Not the same network... (none)
        From what I understand, Fox News and the Fox broadcast network are distinctly separate companies -- wasn't it in the news recently that the news corp. was attempting to buy a majority share of the entertainment corp's stock? (Hard to imagine the Simpsons staying around if that went through, and probably some changes on the "reality" show front too)

        Can somebody clear up this distinction for us?

        Kossaks who enjoy contemporary art might want to look at Todd DeVriese.

        by cmlorenz on Fri Feb 04, 2005 at 05:44:22 AM PST

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