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View Diary: The Impossible is Possible: Obama's Speech in Ohio,Update (239 comments)

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  •  LOL. Party in a better place, eh? You're buying (10+ / 0-)

    the lie that Congress is already lost to Rethugs, eh?  LOL.  Oh, and we haven't achieved policy initiatives?  You mean like the stimulus bill that's saved millions of jobs or the healthcare insurance reform that's already saving lives or the tax loopholes that were closed on corporations that saved the jobs of thousands of teachers, police and fire fighters?  Or the bank bailouts that saved the banking industry and the Wall St. initiative that's the strictist oversight since the Great Depression or the end to combat operations in Iraq and the return of 100k troops?  Or maybe you're talking about the tax cuts for 95% of Americans?  Or the tax cuts for small businesses?

    Right... he didn't achieve any policy initiatives, did he?  LOL!!!

    Can't wait until November when we kick Rethuglican ASS!!!

    Fox News + Saudi Prince = Propaganda Promoting Sedition

    by Little Lulu on Wed Sep 08, 2010 at 05:04:37 PM PDT

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    •  Not yet (1+ / 0-)
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      But I think your recollections are a little rosy eyed.

      The bank bailout and AIG bailout were done under Bush (with a bunch of support from democrats).  And it sort of worked, if by worked you mean that the banks that failed so spectacularly that they almost brought down the entire economy were saved and allowed to get even larger whilst maintaining the lavish lifestyles and bonuses of the very people that brought on the crisis.

      Speaking of the crisis, this administration has entirely failed to address it.  They've thrown hundreds of billions away trying to create an artificial floor to real estate prices and lost our pants in the process.  All those renters that have been saving and looking to buy responsibly, welcome to collateral damage.  And where was the reform (abolishing, we can hope) of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

      Maybe you were thinking of Obama's cash for clunkers where he bribed middle class/rich folks to trash their vehicles and get new ones whilst not letting their old ones be re-sold to poor people as a bailout to mismanaged car companies?

      The Wall Street initiative has utterly failed to deal with the fact that the banks that were too big to fail two years ago are now even larger.  It is possible that it wasn't a complete sellout to Wall Street, depending on the details of the oversight committee, but it probably will turn out to be.

      Obama's end of combat operations speech in Iraq was pure political bullshit.  The only way it could have been worse was if he'd given it on an aircraft carrier under a Mission Accomplished banner.  He's  put himself entirely at the mercy of events outside his control (just as Bush did) and we all just have to hope that this time it works out a lot better than last time.  So some props for pulling lots troops out of Iraq more-or-less on Bush's schedule, less props for turning around and putting them all into Afghanistan where far too many of them are now dieing.

      I don't know about the 95% tax cuts for Americans and small businesses.  I do know that the friends of mine that have lost their jobs and closed their businesses aren't benefiting much from those tax cuts.  I am sure that 95% of Americans (of working age) don't have jobs (unemployment around 10% and that doesn't count those who have given up looking) so there must be some creative math in there somewhere, but this is politics so who wouldn't expect that?

      The healthcare reform was a mixed bag, notable for what it didn't achieve (single payer) and the support it received from the insurance industry (people fined if they don't buy insurance).  Perhaps it'll turn out to be a net positive but mostly it seems like a huge waste of time when the country was in an epic financial crisis.

      Maybe the incompetent Democrats will yet win or perhaps the Republicans, who have totally abdicated their responsibility to govern the country, will.  Either way it's pretty clear that the American people (excluding the bankers and some government workers) will continue to lose.

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