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View Diary: Park 51 - The real threat in the mirror. (15 comments)

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  •  I would compare the 9/11 attackers to Timothy (0+ / 0-)

    McVey and Terry Nichols, two christians who destroyed the Murro Building and killed a lot of innocent men, women and children to get back at the government for Waco.   These were white male christian zealots.  Should we condemn all white christian males and churchs?

    •  Timothy McVeigh was not.. (0+ / 0-)

      a devout Christian.  I actually had a brief though to include him, but while he did claim to believe in a higher power of sorts, he did not believe in Hell, and he did not really practice Christianity.  His parents were more active in religion than him.  Now, in the same way that many people would label folks as Muslim erroneously, we could tie McVeigh into all this, but it would be equally wrong, in my opinion, to do so, just because he was raised Christian.

      Now, his actions were deplorable, however they were politically motivated, not really religiously motivated.

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