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  •  I don't have your answer, but... (3+ / 0-)

    I keep signing up for things I can't do

    Without going into any personal details (sorry, I just can't), I had occasion to hear an academic hired as an expert to speak on a particular topic.

    He spoke about studies that have been undertaken in marketing.  I wish I could recite verbatim what he said, but it had to do with expectations and what people think they will do.

    It had to do with the future, i.e., people buying a book they think they want to read, but yet the book never gets read.  It's an expectation that in the future they'll have the time to do it.  That included signing up for a gym membership, that they have the money now and expect that they will have the time, yet that doesn't happen.

    He also talked about coupons, rebates or memberships, how people make decisions based on time and money, their expectations, and then how they handle it later on.

    Frankly, from my perspective, I think it's a sick science to study to be used for the purposes of marketing.  That's just me.  I needed to take a shower after listening to this person.

    I'm sorry. I went off on a tangent.

    But one thing I learned, since I'm that rebel, so to speak, that I'm hoping not to let the marketers beat me again -- and again -- and again.

    Republicans want a do-over. No, really, a do-over -- do it the same way all over again. Every Dem should make that clear every day.

    by gooderservice on Fri Sep 10, 2010 at 07:07:50 PM PDT

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