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    We should have an antiaircraft defense around the Pentagon, because now we know that nuts who don't care about their own lives can and do fly planes into buildings: including the guy who flew the Cessna into the IRS office in Texas, killing a few people when he hit.  If he had filled up his plane with explosives or even gasoline, that would have been a much bigger tragedy.  

    So we have to protect certain critical facilities, including the key centers of government (the WH, Congress, the SC), our national defense (the Pentagon), critical infrastructure (nuclear reactors, oil refineries, natural gas storage facilities), and potential major hazards (chemical plants).  We've barely begun to scratch the surface on these, but it's a start.

    I trust that the young men & women on duty at these places, with whatever weapons they have, are well trained and capable of responding to threats without putting civilians at needless risk.  

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