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  •  The Bin Laden assertion (14+ / 0-)

    contradicts the favors delivered within hours of the attacks to his family, his medical treatment is US facilities, his "permitted" escape from Torah Bora, his CIA origins.

    You may well be correct.  He may have plotted and killed 3000 people.  

    The translation and authenticity of the confession tape found under extra-ordinary circumstances is worthy of comment.

    Were/ Are the Bushes the most pro- Saudi  presidents ever elected?  

    The 9/11 "masterminds" swept up have been waterboarded repeatedly in a style adopted from North Korea and China.... and perhaps the medieval Catholic churdh... to extract FALSE confessions..
    when American intelligence operatives have more sophisticated methods for getting reliable statements.

    When FBI officials observe pathetic former humans chained to the floor, hair pulled out, full fetal posture, bathed in their own excrement and driven mad....

    and complain....

    and the average American responds that the FBI report never existed, and that our government is doing the right things....

    9 years ago tonight at least 60 people were arrested for activities and associations that implicated them in the 9/11 events in New York City.

    It is considered "impolite" to inquire about those who were arrested. They may well have been in error... that is.. arrests of innocents due to confusion.  But can that not be discussed?

    I am appalled by the number of straight up narrative "historical" elements of 9/11 that are ignored.

    Does anyone remember or care that a white van of Arab looking dudes showed up at Bush's hotel in Florida that morning because they had an "interview" scheduled by the pool?  When challenged they fled.  They were never ??? found later???

    Is this a country with a police department?  Did this seem unimportant?      

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