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  •   its not just messaging or tactical (10+ / 0-)
    its policy in the sense that you are actually trying to govern a different way. This different governing will not be all loses.

    Messaging and tactical to me is where you  are strictly giving speeches, and not going to the mat for what you are saying.

     For example, on cutting the tax cut for the wealthy (something I agree with the president on) he refused recently to say he would veto a bill that did not include ending tax cut for the wealthy. That's more than just tactical- that's making a policy choice if he said that.  A way of governing with a policy battle he can win.

    He's saying something as far as policy. Some of these battles Ia m assuming he will o ut right win. Some he will lose. But he will achieve the policies over time that will allow him to continue to win.

    If , for example, he had pushed for a stimulus, and the GOP blocked it, he probably would have gotten a second chance at a stimulus that was bigger. If he had pushed for

    Again this is just my perception of some battles where the dems stood up and the public subsequently joined the Dems in agreement.

    The same with other issues like Wall Street reform or the PO. I don't think the stimulus would have been dead if he didn't get it the first time. I think the stimulus was dead when he asked for less, and then claimed it was enough when it clearly wasn't. I think if he had fought and lost the first round that would have set up a bigger battle in the public eye. But again that's  looking at things like the Clinton tax hike or the government shut down.

    •  bruh1... (1+ / 0-)
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      you really get it my friend - wish you were running things for the Dems.

      •  Thanks, but most of this stuff isn't me (3+ / 0-)
        It comes from reading others regarding how to win elections. Typically here we get a limited menu, when in fact, there are many options that were taken off the table that constrained what was possible. Not the least of which, signaling one wants 80 votes when its not necessary signals to the other party that you are weak. In a perfect world it shouldn't but in reality it does.

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