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  •  I was checking out the yellow line from (2+ / 0-)
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    elwior, aufklaerer

    Crystal City to the L'Enfant Plaza.  Does that look like the best stop to get off for the mall?  The blue line looks like it goes out farther and takes longer to get near the mall.

    •  Yellow line to L'Enfant Plaza (0+ / 0-)

      Remember that the Metro "map" is a diagram, so stations can look close together and not be. There is a Google map option on the rail map page of the WMATA site that shows where the stops actually are.

      The L'Enfant Plaza stop has an exit that comes up on Maryland Ave. practically at the intersection of 7th St. and Independence Ave. The Lincoln Memorial is between Independence and Constitutions Avenues (which run along the south and north sides of the Mall) and 23d St. So the short answer is don't go to L'Enfant Plaza unless you want to take a long walk to the March site.

      However, you could take the blue line from Chrystal City to  Arlington Cemetery, and walk across the Memorial Bridge to the Lincoln Memorial. Memorial Bridge runs between the entrance to the cemetery and the back side of the Memorial. In good weather it is one of the nicest walking routes to the Memorial.

      With such a big crowd, the bridge is likely to be closed to motor traffic, but that shouldn't stop walkers. Check close to the day of the March; the Post is very good about giving readers information on road closures, etc. before big events.

      Another possibility is to go to the Pentagon City stop and go to Arlington Cemetery from there. Metro does not have a parking lot at Pentagon City, but the stop is just across the street from the Fashion Center at Pentagon City shopping mall. The shopping mall has a big parking garage, and I think their prices are pretty reasonable. (Find their web site for more info.)

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