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  •  well said!!! (3.66)
    Reflecting on his actions since the election, Kerry has been smart, bold, and innovative in how he has reached out.  I agree with your statements about finding a "third way."  Thanks for this diary--it puts nicely into word what I've been feeling as well.
    •  JK (none)
      kerry was deservedly bashed after running a poor campaign.  but now it's time to move on.
      •  not bashing... (none)
        Kerry didn't deserve bashing for his failed campaign but certainly he deserved criticism.

        The best leaders learn from their mistakes and he should welcome constructive criticism as part of that learning process.  Time will tell if Kerry will or not.  I will be watching but I will try not to judge him too harshly.  He's never been my first choice but even I can say he was better than several alternatives (what if Joe had won the nom...or gephart.  <shiver>)

        Sorry, I have nothing else to add to this conversation.

        by DawnG on Fri Feb 04, 2005 at 02:57:33 PM PST

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        •  Kerry may be bulletproof next time... (4.00)
          The guy won 59 million and kept a generally favorable impression despite historic bashing.

          Next time, the attacks against him would be old news.

          Maybe, just maybe, it'll take two cracks with the same guy to get past Rove and his boys.

          •  thats flawed logic (none)
            it's like saying since adlai stevenson lost in 1952, ill support him again because this time nothing will stop him.

            i hope kerry's done running.

            •  agreed... (none)
              Kerry got a lot of votes but he's also burned a few bridges with that stash of money he kept back.  It was a close race as much because Bush was a bad president as Kerry was a good candidate.  There will be no encumbant to run against next time.

              I am sure Kerry will try, but I don't think he'll be as successful.  He won the primary because he was deemed "electable" against a juggernaut candidate.  Bush wasn't a juggernaut and Kerry wasn't elected.  He'll have to mend a lot of fences to get through again.

              Sorry, I have nothing else to add to this conversation.

              by DawnG on Sat Feb 05, 2005 at 06:32:11 AM PST

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              •  Sorry but... (4.00)
                I think Bush, in the hands of Rove, was a tremendous candidate because he staid on message every second of his campaign, and he kept his distance from the dirtballs who were sliming Kerry.

                They will slime whoever they run against.  It's a formula that works.  It beat Ann Richards and Al Gore.

                I guess my point is that Kerry is a "pre-slimed" candidate and there's only so much left they can do to him.

                The next guy will be fresh meat.  Again.

                •  btw (none)
                  stevenson lost again in 56.

                  trust me, once deemed a flip flopper in the eye of the voter, always a flip flopper in the eyes of the beholder.

                  why do you think gore chose not to run?

                  you don't leave your baggage behind, it drags on.

              •  This election (none)
                fraud stuff didn't happen? Kerry lost? Fair and square? I think he won. There was widespread election fraud for a reason. Kerry would have won. I believe in the exit polls and the polls prior to the election. I also believe that it is human nature to direct our frustration at someone. The likeliest target is Kerry. He is put down for losing and for not trying hard enough to prove that he won. Some people believe both of those things simultaneously. I imagine at this point in '61 Nixon was considered to be through for the exact same reasons. If Kerry keeps up what he is doing, he should be given full consideration.

                I'm getting mexed missages!

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