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  •  Are you calling Jon Stewart (none)
    intellectually lazy?  Yes, it is the fault of the candidate if he can not articulate his position clearly to the public. The burden of communication is on the sender, not the receiver.
    •  Give examples. (none)
      What wasn't communicated to the public?

      As for Stewart, if he's the arbiter of our political discourse, god help us. He's a comedian. A good one, and a cutting one, but I'm not going to him for analysis, that's for sure.

      "If cows and horses had hands, they would depict their gods as cows and horses." Xenophanes

      by upstate NY on Fri Feb 04, 2005 at 01:48:21 PM PST

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    •  I don't think for a minute (4.00)
      that Jon Stewart didn't understand any part of Kerry's platform.  His jokes that might have implied something to the contrary were just that, jokes.  And if they were based in reality, it was only the reality that most Americans have become too lazy to comprehend a sentence that is comprised of more than 6 words.  Again, not Kerry's fault.  
      •  the jokes about Kerry (none)
        were about his ability to communicate because that was the hot spot, his weakness.

        The responsibility for communication IS with the candidate.  If 50% of the country are full blown nit-wits, then yes, you still have to communicate with the full blown nit-wits.  Do you think a candidate can afford to blow off the nit-wits who may not understand anything but 6 word sentences? No they can't.

        Why do you think print media is written at 8th grade reading level?

        •  Yes, since I'm not an idiot I know why (4.00)
          those jokes were being made.

          And sorry, but I will always have respect for a candidate that does not stoop to the lowest common denominator.  You know, they used to have these arguments on The West Wing all the time, about whether Bartlett was too smart for the country.  Yeah, well, maybe Americans need to get off the idea that anyone can grow up to be President.  The President should be smarter, more eloquent, better informed, more dignified and more complex than the average American.  There should be nothing average about him.  He shouldn't sound like us or speak like us.  He should be better than we are.  (And of course he could be replaced with she in the above.)

          But if Kerry wasn't understood, it wasn't due to him being too complex, it was that he spoke in complete thoughts, with semi colons and other exciting punctuation, and the media won't let a sound-byte go on for that long so they spliced him up until who knows what he was saying - case in point, the "I voted for it before I voted against it" incident.  

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