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    I think history is going to show that the Democrats were supposed to win this election. I don't think think it is at all accurate to suggest Bush was somehow unbeatable.

    If Kerry's team would have just hired Joe Lockhart one month before they did, he wins it by three million votes. August killed him and we need to know what's being done to prevent the same thing from happening next time.

    I'm sorry, folks but I'm not buying it. I like Kerry. He was my guy before the first primary, but in an election decided by 60,000 votes, there was no room for error and Kerry's camp made plenty.

    I live near Cincinnati. The Kerry camp basically sat back and waited until the week before the election to start actively trying to message to African American voters there. They let gay marriage become way more of an issue than it should have been in that community because they didn't show up for the discussion. 20,000 votes minumum right there.

    My point is not to bash Kerry for this. My point is to make a concerted effort not to whitewash the 2004 elections. We fucked up in a lot of ways and we need to learn from our mistakes in order not to repeat them. When Kerry starts publically talking about 911 locking it up for Bush before we even get started, he's whitewashing. When he says he beat Repub models by four points, he's not doing anybody any favors. IMO he's validating the mandate farce.

    when you lose a game you know you should have won, you go to the chalkboard to figure out why. That means checking your ego at the door. We as a party need to make sure that this is being actively persued and that the results of why, how, and what to do to correct this will be published for all of us to see. I want to know.

    And I'm not going to let it drop until I know that we are taking steps not to repeat past fialures.


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      that you have to go to the chalkboard to figure out why you lost, and not to make the same mistakes. But we can't expect Kerry to do the chalkboard work in front of Tim Russert on national television. I strongly suspect that in private, he's analyzed or will analyze just about every move the campaign made to figure out what could've been done better. In public interviews, though, he needs to strike a balance between acknowledging mistakes and not appearing to carp about the campaign -- after all, even when he doesn't breathe a word in public against his campaign people, sources such as Newsweek take it upon themselves to describe him as "whining" (I notice that in the Russert interview, he made a point of saying he takes responsibility for the campaign's mistakes, which may push back the "Kerry is a whiner" meme for at least fifteen seconds).

      I think that overall, he's been hitting that balance very well. We can't expect him to muck it up by trotting out the whole list of lessons learned, nor can we conclude from his public statements that he's satisfied with the status quo. The proof will be in how he handles things next time, not in how he engages in publicly Monday-morning quarterbacking this one.

      by Noisy Democrat on Tue Feb 15, 2005 at 12:45:34 AM PST

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