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  •  Media was too pro-Bush; too much manipulation (none)
    I don't think Gore could have won. I loved Al's speeches and the way his "real" personality seemed to emerge during the four years, but the MSM and right-wing radio was merciless toward him. They mocked him and jeered him and of course they said he had "gone mad" or he was unpatriotic or both. There would have Swift Boat Vets against Gore if he had run. And they would have brought up all the false issues of the Clinton years if he had run.

    I think that we don't realize the extent to which Rove and the RNC micromanage the campaign and do very targeted, effective marketing using fear and tribal feelings to get to people. I know from anecdotal evidence that they had their local operatives spread extremely nasty lies about Kerry and Democrats and liberals in general in various locales to get out the vote. As for the official media, they are completely in bed with the Bush administration. Journalists who really disagree with the administration are silenced and disappeared. I watched CNN and MSNBC obsessively since the 2000 presidential primaries, especially CNN. I became very aware of a profound negativity toward Gore in 2000 and then again toward Kerry in 2004. I spend some time analyzing the transcripts of Inside Politics and found them to be unrelentingly negative toward Kerry. (Not only anti-Kerry, but there is a pervasive anti-Democrat bias everywhere on CNN--that's why I am amazed when they are accused of being the liberal cable news network. They are NOT liberal. If they were, I wouldn't be so furious at them all the time.) Inside Politics in particular was very biased in its coverage of the presidential race. I started coding their utterances, their framing of the issues, their guests, and so forth. I can say in all honesty that I did not hear them say one good thing about Kerry, not one. I am not exagerrating.

    They were always very protective and upbeat about Bush. Wolf Blitzer is a total suck toward the Bush administration. I can remember him saying credulously how amazing it was that the Swift Boat  veteran ads had gotten so much mileage (after he talked about them every day for a week). What an idiot. I remember him interviewing Seymour Hersch when the Abu Ghraib story broke and he was positively paranoid and took great pains to defend the administration.

    I also watched CNN during the recount phase of the 2000 election and they were very pro-Bush, not just in what they were saying but in how they set up each segment.

    Interestingly, I went back and read transcripts of Inside Politics during the 2000 primaries when McCain got the upset victory against Bush in New Hampshire. CNN was treating McCain the way they later treated Gore and Kerry. They were using the same language toward McCain that they used on Dean.

    It seemed to me that there was a determination to delegitimate Democratic opponents and, oddly enough, opponents of Bush. It is my impression that CNN is not just pro-Republican, but specifically pro-Bush.

    I stopped watching all TV news on November 3rd.

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