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  •  We continue to be misled. Conservadems (3+ / 0-)
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    ConservaDems Afraid to Vote on Obama Tax Cuts! (w/ Great Obama update)

    By TomP
    On Wed Sep 15, 2010 at 07:19:08 AM PDT

    When Democrats are afraid to give a tax break to the middle class while raising taxes on the rich just slightly, they signal cowardice.  This is not President Obama's fault: he's doing the right thing.  This is a few chickenshit Democrat House members peeing in their pants because rich people might be taxed.  

    I am sick of these fucking cowards.  Pomeroy can go fuck himself.

    You ask for our votes and to work our asses off, and then cannot even support your own president?  Cannot even do the POPULAR thing?  

    What I'm talkin' about!

    This is why many are planning to go to DC to stand up for the change we voted for:

    Sign Up For This Historic March on Washington  10-2-10

    Demand the changes we voted for

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