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    tactics and strategy the Democrats can employ is to make as much moischief as possible and encourage and even foment dissent within the Republcian Party itself.  The more infighting they can be encouraged to indulge in the less disciplined they will be and the less enthusiatic they will be on election day.

    That means tht Democrats themselves need to practice a little desicpline of their own and try and play nice together and get energized to exuberantly and persuasively get out the narrative that letting the lunatics have the keys to the asylmum would be totally destructive and counter productive.

    That should prove very effective.

    We can start here at DK by refusing to buy into the negtivity and pessimism that seems to have taken over some diaries and some people who appear willing to allow their disappointment to override their better judgement.

    The TeaParty wing of the repubilican party is definitely the WORSE option and you shouldn't need to hold your nose becasue the stench is overwhelming..

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