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  •  Outcasts (4.00)
    I've known girls this happened to as well, and this was long before I ever heard of fundamentalism. It was just the way things were in a small town in the 60s.  It was scary.  The lucky girls were the Catholics; they got married and their families continued to love and support them.  The Protestants among us were cast out or forced to have abortions or just 'went away' for a time.  
    •  Not all Catholics, by any standard (none)
      There were the girls you didn't know about who left town to care for an ailing aunt or to summer in Europe. Those girls, at the requirement of their parents, went maternity homes, a misnomer since the girls didn't leave as mothers. The requirement was that they would have to relinquish their children or their families, an impossible choice for a 15 year old.

      The other way to deal with Catholic girls who were impregnated by unsuitable boys was abortion, those girls had appendicitis.  

      Catholics dealt with this as all the other fundies still do, don't doubt it.

      •  OK (none)
        I'm sure you're right.  In my little town, there were mainly Hispanic Catholics, and the girls I knew among them didn't 'disappear' like some of the other girls did.  But that was just my observation, very limited.

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