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View Diary: It's Geithner's CFPB! Naked Cap: Warren's Being Sidelined (update) (213 comments)

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  •  Actually, Gibbs ought to STFU and stop .......... (6+ / 0-)

    ....... insulting the left. professional or otherwise, who've been right from the beginning.  

    People like you seem to think a few nice speeches from Obama and the Democrats are out of the woods.  

    Guess again.

    Assholes like Gibbs and Emanuel are willing to risk votes just so they can manfully hitch their pants up while engaging in their bar trash talk.  

    If the Democrats' chestnuts get pulled out of the fire in November, thank the teabaggers who screwed the Republican party by becoming the Republican party.  

    The Democratic road to victory sure as hell isn't paved with baby-step incrementalism and clap louder cheerleading.  

    The Democrats caught a teabagger break and nothing more.  

    The only thing that will save the sorry asses of the Democrats is the Republicans.

    by ThAnswr on Wed Sep 15, 2010 at 11:35:33 PM PDT

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