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View Diary: I Want To See My Son Marry Before I Die. (273 comments)

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    Thank you - this brought tears to my eyes.  My Dad felt exactly like you do about your sons about his two sons.  Myself, the gay one, and my little bro, the straight one.  (I will love when we no longer need to use those labels)

    He was a registered Republican, but he voted Dem for me and my husband.  He called my husband his son-in-law to everyone, and he treated him like you obviously do your son's husband.

    Do me a favor and pass along a new label from my Dad to you: call your son's husband your son-in-law to everyone.  It is one of the single greatest things my Dad ever did for me, and his life was cut short five years ago.  I miss him terribly, and I hear him in your tone and writing. I think you should give your son the gift of: "son-in-law".  It will mean more to him than you can possibly imagine.

    And screw society.....   We'll get there - I agree with you when you say "I feel it".  

    No one should be a politician if they've never lived paycheck to paycheck.

    by Savvy813 on Fri Sep 17, 2010 at 07:53:40 PM PDT

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