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  •  From Mt Airy (2+ / 0-)

    originally out in the north west part of the state.  Been living calling the triangle area home for the past several years first for undergrad and now for grad school.  My husband is from Charlotte and also in grad school out here.

    Have you considered posting this blog entry on too?  Even though the push is for nationwide equality, a powerful story like this I think ought to be shared far & wide, especially with the NC GOP trying every year to amend NC's constitution to ban marriage equality.  They've always failed in the past b/c with Dem control of the General Assembly it gets buried in 4 committees and nothing can survive 4 committees, but given the possibility of them taking over the General Assembly this election, I'm worried that we may take a step backwards in the next few years.

    Anyways, I'm always happy to see another ally for equality in NC =)

    •  Thanks! (1+ / 0-)
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      Jake Goad

      I'll check it out. I'm in the Peidmont area. Valdese, NC. Check out my diary history--I've had a few too many beers at this point to care to give a link--called "Outrage in My Hometown." Check it out. A little insight as to how conservative my neck of the woods is. But I love it here. The fact that we went blue made me weep on election night, but like you I'm scared we're about to take a dangerous leap right. voting Marshall?! We got to get Burr out, my man. My sons keep telling me she's got no shot, but I'm making them vote and phone bank. Elaine is great. Kagan is far from pefect, but to have two female DEM senators would be just...ahhhhhh.

      "Don't compare me with the Almighty, compare me with the alternative!" --VP Biden

      by Socratic Method on Fri Sep 17, 2010 at 11:07:23 PM PDT

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      •  Yeah, I'm backing Marshall all the way (1+ / 0-)
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        Socratic Method

        and I think she has a shot.  The last poll done by Public Policy Polling (which I trust on this race b/c they are highly rated & they are based in North Carolina so they know area) had her within 5 point of Burr a few weeks ago.

        Granted he's going to build a little bit of a lead b/c he can put on tv ads now thanks to his large warchest, but with 3 debates schedule for Oct, and when Marshall gets her ads out there closer to elections when voters are paying attention... its going to be close.

        Good on ya for getting them involved!

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