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View Diary: The Bush Tax cuts CAUSED the economic crisis (149 comments)

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    The actual title of Collier's March 4, 2001 column is Julia Roberts can have my tax refund.

    Gene was right as rain:

    By the time George's plan makes it through Congress, still a huge assumption, economists from both sides of the political field and neutral financial experts as well will have argued it into a fine pablum, but for the moment, it looks historically similar to Ronald Reagan's 1981 brainstorm. Bought by Congress, it triggered more than decade of Death Valley Trickle Down Days. Huge federal deficits. Massive debt.

    Even on the chance that I could be talked into George's kind of tax cut on economic principle, which is not all that unlikely considering that my financial aptitude doesn't go much beyond the concept of "buy one, get one free," the George plan is simply too brazen. The top 1 percent of taxpayers pay 21 percent of the taxes. They'd get 43 percent of the tax cut.

    grok the "edku" -- edscan's "revelation", 21 January 2009

    by N in Seattle on Thu Sep 16, 2010 at 11:47:44 AM PDT

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