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  •  My stepmother is a devout Catholic, and has... (2+ / 0-)
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    pasadena beggar, gerald 1969

    ...always been one.   She will die one.

    She was probably the only person on earth who could have converted my very Protestant father on his deathbed.

    I love my stepmother very much.  She's a very fine person and far more liberal than my father would have ever dreamed of being.

    On a personal level, her faith aside, I wouldn't say that senile old bastard who's running the vatican has a shred of an effect on her.

    Look, if you're Antonin Scalia and are Opus Dei, you're already in that place, and if the senile old bastards and pedophiles in the College of Cardinals suddenly elect a liberal to that post, which isn't going to happen, it's not like Antonin Scalia is suddenly become a Democrat.

    My stepmother is no homophobic bigot - she has a grandchildren who are gay and she loves them deeply and respects them deeply.

    It's not like the Queen and old Charlie are going to convert because the old creep shows up.

    The Pope's influence is vastly over rated.   He looks like a fool internationally because he is a fool, an ex-Hitler youth occupying a tiny relic state in modern Italy.

    Who cares?

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