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  •  He also masquarades as someone who wants growth (14+ / 0-)

    Trillions in cash are sitting idle on the investment sidelines waiting for some glimmer that consumer spending, the great engine of our enconomy, is reviving in a sustainable way.

    Giving tax breaks to the already wealthy, who do not need to spend anywhere close to all their income, just adds to that idle mountain of cash and does almost nothing to spur consumer spending.

    If the size of available money to invest would encourage investment, we'd be swimming in investments by now.

    We're not because it doesn't.

    If he was really supporting growth, he'd be advocating for additional tax brackets at higher rates for the $1m, $5m, $10m etc incomes to support more unemployment, more tax breaks for the rest of us, better Social Security benefits, and more stimulus spending on things like infrastructure that we know we need but could start sooner rather than later.  

    He'd also be badgering Corporations with record profits and obscene CEO salaries to not lay off more workers and to not cut back wages or hours.

    He'd be trying to fix the real problem (restarting consumer demand by rebuilding consumer purchasing power) instead of focussing all his attention on the thing everyone knows is not broken at all (getting more riches to the already rich.)

    If you don't feed the engine, it doesn't matter how much money you give to folks who might want to ride in the luxury car, this train ain't going nowhere.

    Discouraged? Disillusioned? Think about the roots of those words. Then take courage and resolve to avoid illusion.

    by Into The Woods on Fri Sep 17, 2010 at 07:26:30 PM PDT

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