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  •  And Lack of Basic Economic Understanding (4+ / 0-)

    Without restarting the engine, selling more tickets to the luxury train car does nothing to move the train.  

    Investment is waiting on consumer spending.

    Consumer spending depends on consumer purchasing power.

    Consumer spending depends on consumer earnings.

    You cannot restart the consumer spending economy by giving more money to those who already have more than they need and taking money away from those who will spend every dime they make just to make ends meet.  

    And corporations with record profits who lay off workers to pad those profits even more should stop looking at the ground under their feet and start looking down the road.  

    If we put a tax on political and corporate greed and self-destructive stupidity the national debt would be gone by morning.

    Discouraged? Disillusioned? Think about the roots of those words. Then take courage and resolve to avoid illusion.

    by Into The Woods on Fri Sep 17, 2010 at 07:34:44 PM PDT

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