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  •  I am glad to hear you did it (4+ / 0-)

    When I found out Gore wasn't going to run I switched to Obama because I felt the country needed to move beyond the norm and it was time for something new.

    I know he hasn't done all we wished but he is trying and I am glad to see he has helped you.

    I went to get my flu shot a few days ago. I am covered by the evil Anthem Blue Cross of CA (out of state, we live in WA)  so high deductible and most stuff only covered 80% and every year up until a few days ago I had to pay in full for flu shots.  When I went this week they said, you are fully covered now 100% for that!

    I was like no way...this is the same people that up prices every year and pay little of stuff. But now that Obama has his plan they want to keep us healthy, they don't want us in the hospital or doctor with the flu, so we get free flu shots...

    I came home and said Obama saved us $50. That might not sound like much but it helped us do more grocery shopping that day.  

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