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    Generally, people tend to BELIEVE and cherish, ideas which are profitable to them, either physically/financially, or socially/emotionally.  Thus the belief of wealthy bankers that they deserve to be rich because they are more "creative", "intelligent", or "educated" than the guy who figures out what's wrong with your $30K automobile and fixes it; or the Puritan belief that God displays his approval by endowing his favorites with good fortune and prosperity, therefore wealth signifies personal virtue.  Or the white racist's belief that his subspecies is genetically more intelligent than that of people with black skin, justifying his rulership over them.  Or doctors' determined beliefs that their "experience" makes them better diagnosticians and determiners of drug dosage than expert programs, when study after study demonstrates that an expert program is better than roughly 85% of doctors chosen at random at any particular compartmentalized clinical decision.  Or King Charles I of England's quaint but deeply-held conviction that kings ruled by Divine Right.

    Vanishingly few people are capable of separating self-interest from their ethical and moral belief-structures . . . but almost all people, of course, BELIEVE that they can, and do.

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