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View Diary: Daily Kos Gulf Watchers ROV #385 - Is it Dead? - BP's Gulf Catastrophe (264 comments)

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  •  Aside from Rockman's admirable principles (16+ / 0-)

    that thread had a link to a NYT story on the Valentine research. It's a couple of days old and somehow I missed it. The story is, by far, the best of the bunch on Valentine's findings and how they fit in with the previous studies.

    People are having the devil of a time getting their heads wrapped around this fact:

    Unlike previous studies, which tracked the southwest plume and laid out the bacterial response to that mist, Valentine's survey provides a snapshot of a limited radius and does not speak to the plume as it grew more mature farther from the well. Like past studies, his report makes no claim on the current state of the Gulf's waters, nor does it attempt to quantify the ecological impact methane could have on the ocean's wildlife.

    We really need much, much more scientific work to even begin to understand the environmental and human health impact of this spill and I don't think many people think that is the case.

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