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View Diary: Daily Kos Gulf Watchers ROV #386 - The Coroner Won't Pronounce - BP's Gulf Catastrophe (295 comments)

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  •  Wellhead midnight ops theory (9+ / 0-)
    currently they are reaming something solid from a tube welded to the well casing below the Attachment point for the BOP.

    Now the BOP is supposed to be the Be all and End all for well safety for shutting off the flow from the well so there won't be ..well, what we saw.

    Now there has got to be some function to these expensive and vulnerable ports, valves and gages, situated before the flow sees the BOP.

    Now if these were to break off, there would be no way to contain flow , if they are accessable to the pressure and flow from the what are they?

    I'm guessing, and I've frkn asked several times about it, and the resident genuii have yet to 'splain me what these are...

    so, I thinks to myself, they must be vents and pressure readings from the several annulli where the tapered casings, liners, whatever they are, make  between the seals, so, in theory these shouldn't have full reservoir pressure, in my theory.

     And just look at the complications here, they've spent hours and hours of expensive ship and rov time fooling around with this one valve, and there are several others.

    The rovs themselves are a menace to these valves, just look at DDIIrov1 right now, besides the hours long reaming this valve has been subjected to, all that torque and vibration, they are still not done.

    And look right below it, there's a disc on a tube that disappears down way below mudline, what the hell is that for.

    So, here's my theory: last night, they killed the feeds down here, and when we saw it again, it looked like they had been digging around, there was debris and piles of it.

    I think maybe this valve was opened to let mud flow from some annulus until cement came out, then the cement -dried- heh, set in the valve whether this was this kill job or an earlier one I sure can't say,I'm guessing and trying to get a cogent answer.

    But they are still at it.

    And if I'm right, that is some seriously strong cement, even a Loofah would wear that out by now.

    Must be JB Weld.

    Does this rec make my head look fat?

    by KenBee on Sun Sep 19, 2010 at 05:27:50 PM PDT

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